Hurtownia, Galanteria nagrobkowa włoskiej firmy Caggiati

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ZoJa is an authorized wholesaler of tombstones, the best Italian manufacturers. In our offer you will find only original products, straight from Caggiati, Lasef, Lorenzi, Vezzani and Biondan. Thanks to 20 years of experience on the market we can provide you with professional help and reliable advice. We sell mail order or courier. We also have a shop in Lviv Wlkp. Insurgents Wielkopolskich 22/2 there you can pick up your purchases in person. For orders over 450 zł we offer free shipping in Poland.

Our varied offer includes gravestone crosses, available in various designs and colors. Choose from standing or hanging, with or without image. We also recommend made from the best Italian bronze letters gravestone, weatherproof. The magnificent decoration of each tombstone will be Italian bas reliefs seemingly modest and ascetic, but they blow a great deal of emotion. Especially painful Pieta is a real gem among our rich offer, and the flowers vases.

Our additional asset is having a Certificate of Care for Consumer Rights. We care about your convenience, so we try to make our site as friendly and easy to use as possible, and shopping is quick and fun. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
  • Neue
    Bas-Relief Christi 31032/20  Firmen Caggiati  Ornamente Add-ons
    120,93 Euro 99,16 Euro
  • Neue
    Rose Caggiati Nummer 29369/22 Ornamente Zusatzstoffe Grabsteine
    93,81 Euro 77,04 Euro
  • Neue
    Rose Caggiati 29351 wys. 22  cm
    92,45 Euro 77,04 Euro
  • Neue
    Kreuz Caggiati 24363/69 cm stehend
    475,68 Euro 428,11 Euro
  • Neue
    Bas-Relief Christi 31032/14 Firmen Caggiati
    66,32 Euro 56,37 Euro
  • Neue
    Kreuz Caggiati 23145 an der Wand oder Platte aus dem Grabstein h
    83,09 Euro 74,78 Euro
  • Neue
    44,22 Euro
  • Neue
    Odnawianie Lampy Nagrobnej Caggiati
    51,66 Euro
  • Neue
    Głowa Chrystusa 31032/20
    42,00 Euro
  • Neue
    Litera odnowiona
  • Neue
    Trumna dla psa, kota s1 LUX
    61,48 Euro
  • Neue
    Nagrobkowa lampa Lasef nr.kat. 2518/26
    265,27 Euro
  • Neue
    Litery Mundial Inox 3 cm
    6,62 Euro
  • Neue
    Kreuz Caggiati 23338/40 an der Wand oder Platte aus dem Grabstei
    95,85 Euro
  • Neue
    Bilderrahmen Caggiati  19823/09
    34,89 Euro
  • Neue
    Litery Mundial Caggiati 3 cm
    4,27 Euro
  • Neue
    Komplet Memory Lasef
    387,37 Euro
  • Neue
    16/5000 Grabsteinlampe Lasef nr. kat. 2313/23
    126,78 Euro
  • Neue
    Anhang Grabengel 1641 Pilla
    78,21 Euro
  • Neue
    Madonna Fatimska /50 cm
    416,59 Euro
  • Neue
    Anhang sepulchral Engel 1640 Pilla
    78,21 Euro
  • Neue
    Eine Grabsteinvase Caggiati 1122/28 Ch
    164,66 Euro
  • Neue
    Litera Nagrobkowa Delta firmy Vezzani 3 cm
    4,73 Euro
  • Neue
    Ramka Caggiati 21256/9x12 cm
    36,29 Euro
  • Neue
    Litera Jolly  3 cm
    4,36 Euro
  • Neue
    Letter Romano color Silver Gloss 3 cm Caggiati
    3,63 Euro
  • Neue
    Litery z Tworzywa malowane proszkowo kolor złoty
    2,84 Euro
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    tel.+48 (61) 44 14 593

    kom. +48 606 535 228


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